Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia is a lesser-known, untapped reservoir of absolute wilderness. It spreads 2,500 square miles from the Zambezi Escarpment down to the Zambezi River, crossing several wooded savannah regions, each containing various types of trees, including the famous miombo and mopane. On the opposite bank of the Zambezi River is the famous Mana Pools National Park of Zimbabwe, and together both parks create one of finest wildlife sanctuaries in Africa. It is here where David Livingstone ventured nearly 150 years ago and where the Cumings Family created the very first photo safari operation in 1989. Today, Lower Zambezi National Park has become one of Africa’s most desirable, sought-after safari destinations for avid adventures looking for exclusivity and unbridled beauty. Learn about Zambezi safari opportunities below.

Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia boasts a spectacular display of wildlife, and while the diversity of animals is not as varied as other bigger parks, the opportunities to get up close and personal with the game is unlike anywhere else. Most of the big game is concentrated along the valley floor, within enormous herds of elephants—some up to 100 strong—often seen at the river’s edge. The Lower Zambezi also hosts solid populations of eland, antelope, zebra, hippo, kudu, genet, mongoose, hyena, ape, baboon, warthog, honey badger, lion, and leopard. Buffalo and waterbuck frequently “island hop” along the river, while the fish eagle and 500 other species of birds sound out their ubiquitous cries through the valley.

The best way to take in the splendor of the Lower Zambezi is by canoe, drifting along the Zambezi River amid the enigmatic hippos or participating in the popular pastime of tiger fishing. This region boasts some of the most spectacular fresh water sport fishing in the world, with fishermen from all corners of the earth attempting their luck at landing a toothy tiger-fish or the rare, giant vundu. Fly-fishing, bait, and spinning are the three most successful methods of fishing practiced here, and exclusive fishing safaris led by expert guides are an excellent way of learning how to catch these famed fighters.

No matter the activity, those who partake in a Lower Zambezi safari will enjoy one of the most intimate wildlife experiences in Southern Africa. Contact Ker & Downey to include this famed region on your next Zambia luxury safari.