King Lewanika Lodge is a luxury lodge nestled in Zambia's remote Liuwa Plain National Park. The lodge is named after the king of the Lozi people who proclaimed the area as protected in the 1880s, one of the oldest protected areas in Africa.  

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Today the area surrounding King Lewanika Lodge is managed by African Parks with the Zambian government and the Barotse Royal Establishment, the monarchy of the Lozis. The monarch is called the Litunga, which means keeper or guardian of the earth.

King Lewanika Lodge is the first of its kind in the Liuwa Plain National Park. Six villas accommodate up to 15 guests. One villa has two bedrooms with two en suite bathrooms to accommodate a family. Each luxury villa gives a feeling of openness with the environment. Relax in comfort and style with a nod to safaris of old with cotton, canvas, and leather furniture. Canvas drops provide privacy and each villa has indoor and outdoor showers with decks overlooking the vast plain. Solar power ensures that the King Lewanika Lodge is sustainable in keeping with maintaining this stunning landscape.

Located on the upper flood plain of Western Zambia, the park has a grassy expanse that is home to lions, antelopes, hyenas, wild dog, and a kaleidoscope of hundreds of beautiful birds. The park also sees the second biggest wildebeest migration on the continent and hosts a growing cheetah population. The Luambimba and Luanginga Rivers pass through this remote and untamed area where you will feel at one with nature’s raw beauty.

Day and night game drives, walking safaris, and canoe trips get you up close to the wildlife like zebra and buffalo. The open terrain is punctuated by small islands of trees and palms offer a beautiful backdrop as the sun sets. A stark contrast of gold and green grasslands against the darkening skies of a rising storm provide an amazing canvas for photographers.

After an eventful day, retreat back to the lodge for tea followed by a freshly prepared dinner. Chat with fellow adventurous guests in the dining area and around the campfire. After dark, a member of staff will accompany you to and from your room, lighting the way to your stylish retreat.

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