The United States’ capital and center of government, Washington DC is a fascinating hub of grandiose neoclassical facades and generous green space. At any time of the year a Washington DC luxury holiday reveals some of the most important representations of American history. A pleasant natural setting breaks up the hustle and bustle. The Potomac River feeds the lively Fish Wharf on its way to the Atlantic. Each spring the city’s ornamental trees bloom, its blushing cherry blossoms being the most famous.

The National Mall is the centerpiece for activity in the city. This two-mile stretch is book-ended by the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. Days can be spent picnicking on the green and bouncing between the many museums and monuments surrounding the Mall. Its perimeter features The Smithsonian museums, the Lincoln Memorial, and sites commemorating World War II, the Vietnam War, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

America’s most famous address is 1600 Pennsylvania, the White House. Anchored by Congress and the Supreme Court, Capitol Hill is where the leaders in the United States Senate and House of Representatives gather. With your Ker & Downey guide, stroll along the tree-lined avenues to see magnificent rowhouses, or peek into the Library of Congress which houses some 144-million works.

Just west of the center of the city you’ll find Georgetown, Washington DC’s most historic neighborhood. Examples of colonial architecture dating back to 1751 still exist amidst high-end boutiques and galleries. From the Kennedy Center to the National Theatre, its visual and performing arts are among the very best in the world. This creativity is fueled by a melting pot of global cultures and young innovators.

It is easy to travel into the Washington DC metropolitan area from its neighbor, the Commonwealth of Virginia. Including the history of Virginia’s colonial plantations and Confederate battlegrounds enhances any custom Washington DC luxury holiday. Contact the Ker & Downey luxury travel consultants to customize your own journey to Washington DC.