The Inn at Little Washington is an exquisite peek into rural Virginia life, thoughtfully modernized for luxury travelers. This utterly unique town-within-a-town places you at the heart of United States colonial history.

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The journey of The Inn at Little Washington begins in “little” Washington, Virginia – a tiny town less than 70 miles from “big” Washington, DC. Founding partners Patrick O’Connell and Reinhardt Lynch converted the 19th-century garage and dance hall space into a restaurant in 1978. The Inn debuted in 1987 after several other nearby buildings were transformed into its cozy accommodations.

Award-winning chef Patrick O’Connell is the visionary behind the inn and restaurant. He pairs American cuisine with the sensibilities of French culinary techniques to create a dining experience that is multi-course and multi-faceted. O’Connell equates his work here to “hosting one continuous house party.” This laid-back vibe plus the special attention given to the details of hospitality earned The Inn at Little Washington inclusion in the Relais & Chateaux collective, plus praise from across the world.

Today it is hard to tell where the town ends and the Inn begins, as its facilities have grown to integrate wholly into the heart of Washington. Spread out across these historic structures, the hotel’s “campus” includes buildings that date back to the colonial era, public courtyards, and magnificent gardens. Guests are welcome to wander through the cherry orchard, produce garden and greenhouse, and meet the fluffy Cochin chickens.

There are a number of room options at The Inn at Little Washington. The Main Inn hosts eight rooms and four suites fitted in rich country house style. Dating back to 1740, the Mayor’s House is one of the oldest buildings in the village. Next door is the Gamekeeper’s Cottage, a wood paneled abode with a loft bedroom and stone fireplace. The Victorian-era Parsonage House is a restored 1850’s home with six separate bedrooms, and the Norman House features a charming garden framed by a white fence and rose arbor entry.

Guests looking for a more secluded stay should consider the two-bedroom Claiborne House. A media room, library, full kitchen, and dining room make up this private home, ideal for groups or families traveling together.

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