Nestled within the remote beauty of the Chinati Mountains, Cíbolo Creek Ranch is a carefully restored ranching outpost turned gorgeous country inn offering a true West Texas experience ripe with award-winning luxury. From dusk until dawn, every element of this 30,000-acre ranch invites guests to step into living American history and witness 19th century Apache wars and vigilante justice come to life through art, environment, and adventure.

Property Details

Arriving into Cíbolo Creek Ranch’s private landing strip, guests witness the West Texas desert give way to 30,000 acres of plateaus, red mesas, and Longhorn cattle ranching land. Spread across the property, three restored pre-Civil War forts house a range of luxurious accommodations, each retaining the ranch’s original 1800s style with their authentic period antiques, spacious Spanish-style verandas, Saltillo tile floors, hand-stitched Mexican quilts, cottonwood beams, and adobe walls. The Cíbolo Fort is the largest and most central, with 22 well-appointed guest rooms in two adjoining haciendas boasting a nearby swimming pool, hot tub, multimedia room, and spa facility within. Across the property, guests can experience a more intimate and historically authentic stay at the five-room Ciénega Fort or the isolated, gas-powered La Morita Fort. While backcountry adventure and historical authenticity comes standard with any stay, the subtle addition of modern conveniences—such as Aveda toiletries and bath salts, wireless Internet access, and personal fireplaces—await at every turn.

Awake refreshed from a pillow-top dream and greet the day with freshly brewed coffee and the inescapable Big Bend scenery. Breakfast is served family-style on the Cíbolo Fort’s porch with beautiful views of the lakes and mountains. From hearty breakfast buffets in the morning to ancient Mexican culinary creations of cumin steak and tres leches cake, Cíbolo’s flavorful Texan fare led by Mexico’s own Patricia Quintana is sure to live up to its internationally lauded reputation. Whether lingering after a fine meal, sitting poolside on a warm afternoon, or cozying up to a romantic adobe fireplace, the ranch’s impressive cellar will ensure the perfect glass of wine to accompany the occasion. Complete the West Texas experience enjoying what the locals call “South Texas TV,” otherwise known as roasting s’mores and telling stories around the campfire with the myriad of stars above. Out here, the stars truly are as big and bright as legend suggests.

Spanning the low orchards and high mesas of the Davis and Chinati Mountains, Cíbolo Creek Ranch’s Big Bend setting is ideal for a plethora of recreational pursuits. Ride a horse, ATV, or Humvee—or simply strike out on foot—to explore the awe-inspiring surroundings and its resident wildlife, Native American rock art, and ghost town ruins. Parents are also welcome to simply relax and indulge at the spa while children take to supervised fishing, bird watching, and paddle boating at the lake. Cíbolo sits directly adjacent to some of West Texas’ finest natural and man-made highlights, from the geological wonders of Big Bend National Park to the minimalist art galleries of the Chinati Foundation, Judd Foundation, and Marfa.

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