An Arizona luxury holiday with Ker & Downey offers an up-close exploration of nature’s masterpieces. The landscape is at once rugged and steadfast, a tangible representation of the indomitable personality of the region. Millions of years of activity above ground and below have produced a geological wonderland. This state’s beauty is hard to miss in the vermillion-colored rock formations of Sedona, the majestic sandstone towers of Monument Valley, and the soaring cliffs of the Grand Canyon.

Stretching 277 miles across northern Arizona and its border with Nevada, the Grand Canyon is among the more famous icons in the United States of America. From hikes and walks to horseback rides and helicopter flights, there are many ways for visitors to glimpse its majesty. The bold can also consider floating and rafting along the Colorado River—the waters that researchers believe carved out the Grand Canyon over approximately six million years. The Hualapai, Navajo, and Havasupai peoples are among the original stewards of the region around the Grand Canyon, just a few out of the dozens of Native American tribes with protected land in the state.

In the Navajo Nation, you will find Monument Valley and the iconic sandstone silhouettes that have come to symbolize the American West. This landscape of 92,000 acres at the Arizona-Utah state line was a favorite filming location for cinema titan John Ford. It appeared as the backdrop in nine of his classic westerns, and John Wayne rode horseback through its dusty expanse for many of those films. Later, Tom Hanks jogged across the valley as Forrest Gump. Ker & Downey’s explorations in Monument Valley include access to sacred Navajo sites, visited only by permission and with an insightful local guide.

Whether journeying alongside the Navajos or flightseeing above the Grand Canyon, there is no better way to get to the heart of the American West than on a custom Arizona luxury holiday with Ker & Downey. Contact your luxury travel consultant to start planning your own visit.