Travel to Alaska with Ker & Downey. The isolated polar wilderness of Alaska certainly reigns as one of the most fascinating areas of the United States. Head past Canada into the Arctic Circle to experience its rare scenery and incredible wildlife on a luxury Alaska holiday.

Alaska’s Wild Frontiers

Adventurers must go forth unafraid of its wild frontiers. Be willing to forge dazzling glaciers, race dogsleds, and helicopter over massive vistas to reach national parks and wildlife refuges. The intrepid are undoubtedly rewarded with some of the most pristine natural beauty on the planet.

Alaska is both the largest and the northernmost state in the United States. This rugged swath of tundra is also a volcanic playground containing the highest mountain peak in North America, Denali. A summit of the mountain can take two to four weeks for skilled climbers. But, a visit to Denali National Park is rewarding in its own right.

Within Alaska’s borders you’ll find a whopping 24 national parks and preserves. Check out Denali in the interior, and track through the protected habitat of brown bears in Katami National Park. Glacier Bay National Park runs the geological gamut, loaded with glaciers, fjords, mountains, and forest shaping its 3.3 million acres.

The local experience features fly-fishing in salmon rivers, whale watching, and sightings of caribou, moose, and bears in their natural surroundings. Skilled private guides come standard on a Ker & Downey journey to Alaska.

Our Alaska experience also offers you a peek into the world of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Hear stories from the trail from past mushers and even learn to drive a team of sled dogs to gain a greater appreciation of this tradition.

Luxury Alaska Holiday with Ker & Downey

If you cannot wait to embark on a luxury Alaska holiday, contact us and we will whisk you into the wilderness for a luxury Alaska travel experience.