Nestled in the Yom River valley in northern Thailand, Sukhothai is steeped in heritage. Meaning “Dawn of Happiness,” the city is noted as the first independent Siamese Kingdom of the ancient world. Acres of 13th-century city ruins and temples comprise the Sukhothai Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park has at least 45 sq km of partially rebuilt ruins, making it a truly immersive experience, where visitors feel they are indeed disappearing into an ancient land.

Romantics will enjoy the more devolved structures with their mystique and ambiance, while historians will enjoy imagining the way civilization formed around these ancient structures, restored to give an accurate experience.

Many historians celebrate this era a the Golden Era of Thai culture. The art, music and artifacts of this kingdom are considered to be the ideal Thai representations, their purest culture. In a country where modernization has taken hold in some regions more firmly than in others, Sukhothai’s old town represents the deepest roots of a culture, which has allowed it’s branches, cities like Bangkok and the thriving resorts of Phuket, to flourish without losing their Thai identity.

Like everywhere else in Thailand, the city has its own distinctive noodles for snacking as you meander through the markets.

Beyond the cultural riches lies an even more enticing natural landscape. Environmentalists will marvel at the elaborate jungle ecosystem within the many national parks and Khao Luang Mountains. A laid-back tempo typical of northern Thailand invites visitors to leisurely explore and discover all the region has to offer.

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