Translated as ‘a home for visitors’, The Tubkaak Krabi boutique hotel represents just that and more. This gorgeous villa-style hideaway combines distinctive southern Thai design with the spellbinding beauty of Krabi’s most pristine beach. Backed by the mighty Hang Nak Mountain with views over the dramatic Hong Islands, The Tubkaak Krabi is the perfect place to chase your cares away while enjoying luxury accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and the utmost privacy.

Property Details

The Tubkaak Krabi takes every measure to ensure guests feel at home and breathe easy during their beachside stay. Each of the 59 room and pool villas has been designed with a southern Thai architecture and ambiance in mind, with curved roofs, coconut and teak detailing, and delicate color schemes to blend in with the environment. Complimentary Internet, spacious balconies, and outdoor sunken bathtubs are just a few of the special features guests can expect, as well as stunning views over the sea and tropical surroundings. Romantics will love the vast living space, beachfront seclusion, and private infinity swimming pools found within the signature Tubkaak and Haven Suites and the resort’s latest collection of four private pool villas. Just steps away from the gentle waves of the Andaman Sea, the open plan villas ensure unhindered sea views and completely enclosed spaces for those seeking an added layer of privacy and indulgence.

Walking through the exotic rainforest gardens and floating in the free-form swimming pool and Jacuzzi, it’s easy to let the cares simply melt away one by one here. The calming treatment cocoons of L’escape Spa, the reading and DVD selection at the library, and the readily available yoga classes only serve to further punctuate the journey of rejuvenation. Even dining is an elegant immersion into the Krabi nature, with the classic Thai dishes of Arundina and the fresh local seafood and authentic Italian ‘trattoria’ fare of Di Mare being served up on opposite ends of the seafront and promising sublime views of the distant islands on the horizon.

Surrounding The Tubkaak Krabi, the natural world awaits. Take an early morning longboat trip to Hong Island for epic snorkeling or kayak along Krabi Klong Talen’s beautiful Mangrove Maze, a beautiful chain of rock gardens, limestone canyons, and semi-hongs filled with mangroves and wildlife. Railay Bay nearby is a climber’s utopia with more than 1,000 climbing routes suited to all levels of climbing ability, and the neighboring Hang Nak Mountain peak is an adventurous haven for hikers and mountain bikers. Back at the resort, relax from the day’s activities with a Thai cooking class and a glass of wine, taking in the beautiful sunset views of Krabi.

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