The southern sliver of Thailand is a refreshing region bookended by two bodies of water. The Andaman Sea lies to the west; to the east, find the Gulf of Thailand. This cerulean region features thousands of beaches, islands, and various cities that coalesce into a tempting getaway for anyone looking for a fun location to take it easy. Perhaps the most well known of these getaways is the island of Phuket.

The largest island in Southern Thailand, Phuket holds some of the region’s most peaceful beaches. It’s also here that you’ll find spirited Patong, the island’s best beach for nightlife. Chalong Bay serves as a getaway to all of the islands off of Phuket, while Phuket town lies more central on the south-east side. The island is well known for its water sports, and when you experience a Thailand island vacation, you are welcome to try some of the most popular attractions: sailing, yachting, and diving.

If you are a nature-seeker, you would most enjoy the province of Krabi, for it is full of natural wonders such as coral reefs, caves, and waterfalls. Limestone karsts are bountiful in this region, and a short trip on a Songthaew will take you from island to island through the warm water. Relax in one of the many Emerald Pools and be sure to take in the savory flavors of the spicy cuisine, adapted from Indonesia and India.

A center for coconut and fruit cultivation, Ko Samui holds a virgin rainforest along its sandy shores. Samui is also the home of the Ang Thong National Marine Park, where guests are invited to take on the kayak and snorkeling paradise during the day, and dance to the electronic music of Chaweng Beach at sunset. To the north of Ko Samui sits Hua Hin, a small beach town that serves as the Thai King’s favorite escape and offers plenteous cycling, boating, and caving opportunities.

Whether you want to experience the luxury of the Andaman Sea, the magic of the islands in the Gulf of Thailand, or a bit of both, customizing your travel with Ker & Downey gives you access to pure island bliss.