“The Rose of the North,” the green city of Chiang Mai, sits on a plain surrounded by the mountains and lush countryside of Northern Thailand. Once the site of the giant historical walled city, Chiang Mai is now the home of over 30 temples dating back to the founding of the principality. The architectural style of the city reflects a history of invasion and occupation by Burmese and Sri Lankan neighbors. Still, the Lanna style remains prominent, making Thailand’s “second city” a spectacular, more laid back interpretation of all things Thai. You can stroll freely, stopping to sloop some khao soi, the quintessential Northern Thai crunch noodle curry dish, or stopping for a spontaneous traditional foot massage in one of the markets. Compared to Bangkok, travel to Chiang Mai is positively sleepy, with plenty of room to wander.

The modern-day city has expanded in all directions, but especially eastward towards the Ping River. Explore the famous Night Bazaar and Loi Kroh Road, where the night comes alive with walking street markets, discos, live music and karaoke bars. If Thailand adventure travel is what you have in mind, during the day you can choose from the buffet of options that include bungee jumping, rock climbing, and swimming in waterfalls.

Outside the city, you’ll find even more elbow room to explore. Gorgeous hiking trails lead to the villages of colorful hill tribes, like the Karen, where visitors are welcomed freely. Your Ker & Downey local guide will be an expert in etiquette and protocol among the villages, ensuring that your visit is harmonious and informative, and equally beneficial to the village.

Among the hills there is also plenty of unique adventure to be found. Hop on a bamboo raft in search of waterfalls, or walk the 300 steps up the side of Doi Suthep to visit a working monastery with panoramic views.

Whatever your taste for adventure, Ker & Downey, with our team of expert consultants and local guides, is ready to unveil all that Chang Mai has to offer.