Sink into a place of peace and tranquility at the Hacienda Chichen Resort & Yaxkin Spa, an award-winning resort and eco-spa wellness destination. This property embraces Maya traditions and values of hospitality, green living, mindfulness, and sustainability.

Property Details

The serene Hacienda Chichen Resort has 12 cottage houses with a total of 28 guestrooms that are hidden in a jungle and nature reserve. Each has a unique story to tell, like the Morley’s Cottage which was built by the head of the first Mayan Scholar Expedition sponsored by the Carnegie Institute in the early 1900s. The Alice Le Plongeon Suite was named after one of the first European women to research the Mayan culture in the 1880s. All rooms are decorated with Mayan crafts and colonial accents and offer options with full, queen, or king beds. Step out onto the patio terraces overlooking the green gardens and embrace the quiet.

The Hacienda is the place to wash away troubles, rest, relax, and revitalize in the colonial ambiance. It was built by the Spanish in the 16th century using Maya temple stones. Today, the property re-purposes material to reduce the amount of waste it produces. The underground fresh water resources are protected by avoiding pollutants and guests are asked to do the same.

Listen to live guitar players while dining on healthy meals, prepared to cleanse the body using organic produce and local products. Stroll through the crops south of the property to learn about the fruits, vegetables, herbs, and wild honey, from the farmer who sings soft Maya songs while he tends the crops.

Indulge in restful activities at the Yaxkin spa which uses fresh, organic ingredients like sea salt and algae body mud. You’ll find further relaxation while swimming through calming cenotes and wandering through sacred Maya caves.

A large part of the Hacienda Chichen Resort is dedicated to the Maya Jungle Private Reserve, home to nearly 150 different bird species like toucans and emerald green jays which can be seen while taking a peaceful walk. White tail deer often make their way into the property. A short hop through the garden takes guests to the Mayan site of Chichen Itza to enjoy a private tour of the pyramids and temples.

This Hacienda employs the local people to help them with job skills through the in-house training program, making this the first hotel in the Yucatan totally managed and operated by local Maya staff.

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