Cameron Highlands Resort occupies a lush green position in a stunning colonial building, surrounded by fertile growing fields and an incredible view. This 'little piece of England in Asia' has been attracting British colonials and expatriates since 1925, and today is pleased to welcome guests from all over the globe for a sample of old English charm in Malaysia.

Property Details

Marrying the best of colonial elegance and bespoke accommodations, each of the 56 rooms at Cameron Highlands Resort evokes feelings of comfort and a hint of nostalgia. The trappings of each well-appointed retreat are of the highest quality, including custom teak furnishings showcasing the celebrated craftsmanship of a bygone era, and handwoven Thai silks in homage to Jim Thompson, whose establishment of the Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company in 1948 revitalized the Thai silk industry and introduced the textile to discerning westerners. Four-poster beds are the centerpiece of each room, anchored by gleaming wooden floors and crowned by beamed ceilings. Guests searching for an expanded space to retire can select the Cameron Suite or the Jim Thompson Suite, each boasting two bedrooms, a spacious common lounge, and French doors leading to the balcony beyond.

Verdant tea fields and a strawberry farm surround the Cameron Highlands Resort, and the resort’s culinary offerings certainly benefit from this advantageous location. A warm cup of local tea is always but a request away, best enjoyed in the Jim Thompson Tea Room with light bites of strawberry jam and sandwiches. The sunny dining room opens for a sumptuous breakfast, shifting into an elegant dinner spot for smartly-dressed guests in the evenings and featuring a menu of traditional British and Asian flavors. Gonbei is the lone Japanese restaurant in the area, adding hotpot and teppanyaki-style meals to the dining choices. Venture farther afield for a special private dining experience on the grounds, in the tea gardens, or in the candlelit gazebo.

The luxurious Spa Village Cameron Highlands also benefits from the surrounding tea plantations, infusing the green leaves into many of its treatments and therapies with guidance from the Orang Asli, or “original people” and their treasure trove of information on the plants and herbs of the region. If interested in making merry in other ways, guests may indulge in snooker and cocktails at the Highlands Bar, play a round of golf at the picturesque nearby course, or embark with the resident naturalist on an exploration of the area rife with the Cameron Highlands Resort’s trademark of ‘trails, tales, and tradition.’

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