For most, the primary draw of Borneo is the unspoiled wilderness. Few other places on earth offer such deep exploration into primal jungles and rainforests teaming with wildlife. Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort immerses you in the riches of pristine wetlands in the Lower Kinabatangan. The forest and wetland reserve’s international significance has been widely acknowledged, due to the undisturbed ecosystems and the presence of many endangered and threatened species including the Sumatran Rhinoceros, Proboscis Monkey, Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Oriental Darter and Rhinoceros Hornbill. In the midst of all of this Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort steps with a light footprint, encouraging guests to experience the most rare and exclusive luxury of all: quality time in the unspoiled wilds.

Property Details

The ten deluxe chalets at the resort are designed to be the ideal retreat within the wetlands. Spacious and climate controlled, the chalets offer a comfortable place to recharge during your explorations. WiFi is available in the restaurant area, and the resort’s electricity is supplied by solar power and generators, to ensure against typical jungle outages.

Meals throughout your stay are eaten buffet style in the restaurant. Special diets can be accommodated, and the restaurant adheres to the sustainable values of the rest of the resort. Expect fresh, local, and seasonal bounty from the surrounds.

Your stay at the resort is all about the wildlife. River cruises and nature walks are sure to fill your days with animal sightings and intriguing plant life. Expert guides, as well as your dedicated Ker and Downey guide are available for any questions or discoveries you encounter along the way.

River cruises throughout the day demonstrate the variety of lives sustained by the wetlands and rivers. Visit fishing villages by day, or don a headlamp and set out into the night for a nocturnal water safari. You will always return to the resort, greeted by comfort and friendly service.

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