Debuting as the first city location for the storied brand, the Aman Tokyo looks to its signature roots to create an intimate retreat above the pulse of the city. The top six floors of the Otemachi Tower are the location for this sanctuary, poised to provide unmatched levels of comfort and personalized service in stunning modern surrounds.

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Striking a balance between the vibrant, frenetic feel of urban Tokyo and the traditional sensibilities of Japanese culture and style, the Aman Tokyo has created a space to please discerning travelers. Nods to time-tested Japanese residential structures are evident in each of the 84 accommodations, from the engawa – a wooden area that separates living areas from sleeping areas – to the deep soaking furo tub, to the classic washi paper Shoji screens. Native timber and sleek stone evoke a sense of peace and balance and despite its city location, guests will feel a sense of tranquility when overlooking the Otemachi Forest, the inner garden, and noting the subtle motifs of nature displayed through art and textiles.

Look out from the tables of the chic Mediterranean-inspired Restaurant by Aman to see the Imperial Palace Gardens and Mount Fuji beyond. The hotel’s wine cellar boasts some 1,200 bottles of hand-curated wines and sakes, including a signature sake blended by Masumi Sake. Guests can enjoy a variety of ginjo, junmai ginjo, and namazake sakes, along with light Mediterranean-inspired dishes at The Cafe by Aman.

When seeking a calmed soul to match a sated appetite, head to Aman Tokyo’s Aman Spa. Japan’s wellness practices are honored with Kampo herbs are combined with signature Aman products, and the philosophies of Zen are put into practice with thoughtful movement and relaxation incorporated into unique treatments. An indoor swimming pool, sauna rooms, and fitness center with yoga and pilates studio further enhance the recreation and relaxation.

Descend from the top of the Otemachi Tower to revel in the lively pace of Tokyo and further experience its vast history and culture. The Otemachi area is rapidly transforming into one of the city’s must-sees, crowned by the Imperial Palace Gardens surrounding the home of the Emperor of Japan. Explore the colors and quirks of the Harajuku and Shibuya districts, shop for the latest tech treasures in Akihabara’s “Electric Town”, or set off to see any of the 23 wards of the city, all interconnected by excellent public transit.

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