No sooner will you step out into the bustling streets of Tokyo, than you will find yourself awestruck and swept into the wonderland of lights, sounds and tastes that make it the most energetic city in the world. From bullet trains to all-night karaoke, to some of the most opulent hotels and restaurants in the world, Tokyo does everything with a high-octane excellence that has made it a culture unto itself. Experience the sights and sounds for yourself when you travel to Tokyo, Japan with Ker & Downey.

But the country’s fast-paced and fantastical capital city is more than a just a spectacle—it also serves as the wellspring of Japanese pop culture and a symbol of renewal and reinvention in the East. Beneath its festive shopping arcades, impressive mass transit system, iconic Harajuku street fashion, and enthusiastic karaoke, Tokyo is also a place where the patrilineage of its imperial family is a tightly held institution, as evident in its majestic palaces and gardens.

Japanese nonconformists flee to Tokyo where they can investigate the myriad of subcultures, and individuality is often linked to an older form of small-group identity. Here creative voices find their audience, and innovators find their market. It’s a metropolis where the pressure cooker of traditional societal mores and expectations explodes into cutting-edge art, design, music, food, and off-the-wall inventions.

Indeed, Tokyo boasts more Michelin stars than any other city and is a breeding ground for generational artisans, award-winning designers and architects, and all things fashionable and futuristic. Even pop culture like manga, as it takes the world by storm, is rooted in the tradition of Edo-period ukiyo-e (wood-block prints from the ‘floating world’). And so, as its modern gears keep turning, the basic machinery of this intriguing city–one of the biggest on the planet–remains true to its origins.

Ker & Downey’s expert city guides will help you discover the nuanced and energetic layers of Tokyo, interpreting the frenetic landscape so that you can more fully appreciate the intricate beauty that has made it great. Browse our Tokyo vacation packages below.