The traditional onsen Ryokan experience is an integral aspect of Japanese relaxation culture, and it is most memorably and extravagantly experienced at the Gora Kadan. Nestled in the tranquil foothills of Mt. Fuji, Gora Kadan exists within the grounds of the Imperial family’s former summer villa and is strewn with multiple open-air baths fed by the mineral rich, hot spring water. This Relais & Chateaux property is a complete immersion into the ancient Japanese way of life, successfully and sinfully transforming previously one-dimensional activities like bathing into multi-sensorial, first-class luxury experiences.

Property Details

The 38 rooms and suites at Gora Kadan are a unique blend of Japanese tradition, modern design, and the mountainous outdoors. Connected by outdoor walkways constructed of identically shaped and sized river stones, the range of suites are elegantly outfitted with tatami floors and mattresses, authentic shoji panel partitions, ornamental alcoves, and ikebana arrangements. Even the simplest of rooms come equipped with a living room, sleeping room, indoor wooden baths, and private manicured Japanese gardens with momiji Maple trees and mountain views. The more exclusive suites boast steam saunas, fabulous wooden terraces, and personal open-air stone baths fed by the natural springs. If the setting wasn’t enough, personal room attendants also provide authentic yukatas to wear in and around the property.

The pinnacle of any stay at Gora Kadan is the exquisite kaiseki cuisine artistically prepared and served in the Kan-in-no-miya Mansion Restaurant, an unbelievable spot known to inspire pilgrimages from near and far. Enjoy the stately Miyake atmosphere with the gable roofs and surrounding 100-year-old trees, and savor the taste of real Japanese cuisine, served over several colorful courses of seasonal delicacies and regional specialties, some no bigger than a mouthful. Meals can occupy several hours, and in accordance with Kaiseki standards, no two can ever be the same.

After dinner, ease into pre-filled cedar wood baths, indulge in a spa treatment, or visit the communal onsen or swimming pool and Jacuzzi while the attendant puts the table away and prepares the tatami futon for a good night’s rest. Each morning, attendants will put the futon away and prepare the table for a Western style continental breakfast. Gora Kadan serves as a great base for exploring the local onsen and hiking around Mt. Fuji and Hakone National Park, passing by teahouses, waterfalls, and overgrown forests. Hakone is also an ideal spot for cruises on Lake Ashi and visits to the Hakone Open Air Museum, home to works by Rodin, Miro, and Picasso.

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