Guests of Sasayuri-Ann experience a traditional Japanese ryokan surrounded by the picturesque landscape of Nara.

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Find a soothing and serene retreat under the thatched roof inn, spacious enough to fit up to ten people. The 200-year-old mountain house known as Sasayuri-Ann is equipped with new facilities to ensure your stay is comfortable. Feel the pine floors underfoot. Accessories are limited in the clean-lined spaced, filled with natural light and simple fixtures. The decor reflects Japanese simplicity and mimics the shugendo spiritual style which draws inspiration from nature.

Enjoy panoramic views of the national park, green rice terraces, and mountain slopes blanketed with sasayuri lilies and soaring trees. The traditional thatched roof houses are ideal for visits year-round, staying cool in the summers and warm in the snow-covered winters. Get cozy on the cushions in front of the sunken fireplace with a drink in hand.

Prepare your own food in the kitchen, enjoy some sushi, or dine on shabushabu – a hotpot filled with beef and organic vegetables. Michelin-starred meals are prepared live in front of guests. Learn more about a Japanese tea ceremony in the tatami room or join a lesson on how to arrange fresh flowers. Wander through the countryside to explore the waterfalls or take a bicycle ride to a farm that sells fresh produce, passing by fish ponds and forest paths.

Visit a training school to watch an energized ninja demonstration in full costume. This is an ancient practice that demonstrates concentration, climbing, and balance. The culture of this region dates back centuries and is rich in art and music. Enjoy a Noh theater performance that combines music, dance, and drama, interrupted by comical segments.
Unwind in a hot bath filled with the scent of natural herbs, harvested further afield in Yamato province. Choose to soak in a cypress wood bath or a ceramic bathtub; both spots offer superb views of the rice fields.
A Shugendo monk oversees Sasayuri-Ann. Wake up with the sunrise to see him perform a homa rite at a shrine near the rice terrace villa. The burning fire of the rite represents the removal of worldly obstructions and delusions with the Buddha’s radiant wisdom. Learn and practice Zazen—a Japanese form of meditation—to completely relax in the supremely peaceful surroundings.
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