Brimming with colorfully-painted buildings and a bohemian vibe born out of its port city roots, Valparaiso is a charming seaside town full of history and grace. Once a stopover for ships having navigated the Strait of Magellan, the city’s popularity grew with European immigrants who laid claim to its lush hillsides on the 19th century, building grand estates that still stand today. The historic section of the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003; here, cobblestone streets are still commonplace, meeting the facades of architectural treasures and emitting a bygone charm that is not lost on visitors.

“Valpo” remains a major port city, the the Valparaiso area comprises four other cities – Viña del Mar, Concon, Quilpue, and Villa Alemana. Each of these coastal hubs has a unique heritage influenced by European visitors and seafarers from across the globe.