Santiago is not only Chile’s capital and largest city, but also one of Latin America’s most well-established and highly regarded cities. The modern transportation infrastructure, urban and suburban development, impressive architecture, and financial stability of Santiago have helped it to develop into one of the most important cities in South America.

Santiago can serve as the perfect base for your explorations of Chile, starting nearby with the stunning Chilean Winelands. The neighboring Maipo and Aconcagua Valleys, among others, are home to some of Chile’s best vineyards, and with Chilean wine’s worldwide rise in popularity, a trip to explore some of these wineries is a must on any itinerary. Also in the nearby vicinity are several excellent skiing locations, for those more interested in visiting in the colder months of the Austral winter.

The city itself has a number of attractions for visitors. There are dozens of museums, many parks and sports venues, and a number of examples of Spanish Colonial architecture. In addition, you can visit the Plaza de Armas, the downtown square; Central Station, the railway station designed by Gustav Eiffel; the former National Congress building; and many other prime sightseeing locations.

Whether as a base to begin your explorations of the region or as the main attraction of your Chilean itinerary, Ker & Downey can help you make the most of your journey to the beautiful city of Santiago.