Chile’s Lake District has been likened in magnificence to Switzerland, a comparison aided by the distinct Germanic influence found in the region’s architecture. Located in Southern Chile, the region is so named for its 12 major glacial lakes and many smaller ones that can be found scattered among the Andean foothills. Rising around them are no less than six snowcapped volcanoes, as well as otherworldly national parks and serene lakeside villages—a panorama that is perhaps one of Chile’s most picturesque. Learn about Lake District, Chile luxury travel below.

The incredible variety of scenery in the Lake District has attracted a number of tourist resorts to the area, thus creating an ever-improving infrastructure to support its growing number of yearly visitors. Outdoor adventurers are especially prone to congregating in the charming lakeside hamlets of Pucón and Puerto Varas, whose stunning national park and nature reserve settings act as a perfect jumping-off point for the area’s surrounding attractions, be it horseback riding, rock climbing, or water sports.

Indeed, there are endless opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation in Chile’s Lake District. It’s a go-to-destination for any adventure traveler or outdoor enthusiast, but it also boasts outstanding culinary delights and a colorful indigenous culture as the historic homeland of Chile’s Mapuche people. And while the region may sport a long Pacific coastline, the majority of its visitors opt instead to flock inland to the Lake District’s many waters to swim, sunbathe, kayak, and sail. The Lake District also hosts numerous wild rivers renowned for their fly-fishing potential, as well as the majority of the country’s thermal hot springs, ready and waiting after a long day of rugged exploration.

Experiencing Chile’s Lake District with Ker & Downey opens up a world of beauty in the form of romantic lakes, jagged peaks, ancient Mapuche culture, and gently puffing volcanoes looming over idyllic lakeside villages. Whether horse trekking in the Cordilleras, hiking a national park, sailing on Lake Villarrica, kayaking along a serene lagoon, or flying over the active volcanoes, Ker & Downey promises to deliver some of Chile’s finest adventures. Contact a Ker & Downey luxury travel consultant today to begin planning your travel to the Lake District.