Crusoe Island Lodge is an eco-adventurist escape, designed to delve into the idyllic, remote, and wild character of its magical home, Robinson Crusoe Island. Located some 400 miles off the coast of Santiago, Chile in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Robinson Crusoe Island is a small volcanic island boasting less than 1,000 residents and an untouched, indigenous flora and birdlife akin to that of the Galápagos.

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Modern in design yet cozy in personality, Crusoe Island Lodge sits tucked away amid Robinson Crusoe Island’s native bush. Each of the lodge’s 15 rooms are the ideal base from which to explore and discover the wonders of the Robinson Crusoe archipelago, creating the feeling of one’s own personal cabin within the beautiful expanse. Everything is perfectly curated for guests to disconnect and submit to relaxation, with complimentary water bottles, trekking poles, snorkeling gear, and private terraces facing the rolling tides of Pangal Bay.

The central lounge area of Crusoe Island Lodge is a haven of natural stone, wicker, and wood. Guests are encouraged to relax by the fireplace with a book from the library, take in the display of black-and-white wilderness photography, and sip on a sparkling aperitif while soaking in the floor-to-ceiling panoramic views of Pangal Bay and San Juan Bautista. Next door, LA BRECA Restaurant serves up as much of the local Robinson Crusoe Island fare as possible, most notably fresh lobster, golden crab, and yellowtail amberjack plucked straight from the ocean and accompanied by some of Chile’s famous wines and cocktails. Robinson Crusoe Island might be an adventurer’s paradise, but Crusoe Island Lodge goes to great lengths to ensure serenity in every corner, from the eucalyptus and cypress scented sauna and the delectable spa treatment menu, to the hot spring fed swimming pool and the open-air spa tubs freckling the property with views of the crystal clear bay and its resident sea lions.

Legend states that Robinson Crusoe Island served as the home for marooned sailor Alexander Selkirk, the inspiration behind Daniel Defoe’s fictional Robinson Crusoe character. It comes as no surprise, then, that the island is one of unique nature and amazing wildlife. Over 30 miles of trekking routes reveal stunning vantage points and historic tales of pirates and corsairs, as well as a fascinating array of endemic seabirds, such as the petrels and the famous Juan Fernández firecrown hummingbird. While the scenery on land is enough to satisfy even the most avid photographer, the rich underwater world boasts an incredible 12 world-class dive spots full of 422 species of fish, Juan Fernández lobsters, and large colonies of Juan Fernández fur seals. Whether kayaking through Cumberland Bay, horseback riding along the craggy coast, or fishing in the lodge’s private boat, The Dresden, guests of Crusoe Island Lodge are promised an adventure of a lifetime on this UNESCO-protected World Biosphere Reserve.

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