Easter Island travel with Ker & Downey is a fascinating discovery of some of Chile’s most remote and spectacular destinations. Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, Chile, is one of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world, over 2,000 miles west of Chile and over 1,200 miles east of Pitcairn. Though it was subject to a long and troubled history that includes the extinction of almost all of the island’s tree species and that at one point left the island with only 111 inhabitants, Rapa Nui is now almost entirely protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Perhaps most famous for its massive stone statues called moai, Easter Island travel holds a wealth of archaeological and anthropological encounters. In addition to exploring the incredible stone carvings, why not also discover some of the island’s caves, where early signs of habitation can be found, or investigate some of the fascinating petroglyphs found in various areas of the island? Or, experience the modern manifestation of Easter Island travel, an intriguing amalgamation of Polynesian, European, and South American cultural influences? There are also two volcanic craters, Rano Kau and Rano Raraku, to explore, and Rano Raraku, the site of the production of the moai, yields fantastic evidence of how the giant statues were created. To take a break from all of the adventure Easter Island travel, check out the island’s two white sand beaches. You can also scuba dive or snorkel around the nearby islets, and some of the coast line offers excellent bodysurfing opportunities.

Beyond Easter Island travel, the coast of Chile also boasts the fascinating islands of Chiloé and Robinson Crusoe. The Chiloé archipelago enchants visitors with its traditional houses on stilts, steaming fish stews cooked in the ground, and the local peoples’ mythical figureheads. Visitors to Chiloé Island go in order to immerse themselves in the island’s magical culture, where nature and tradition have been maintained over centuries. Alternatively, the few visitors to Robinson Crusoe Island travel there to experience an isolated escape defined by its fisherman adventure stories, stunning UNESCO-protected World Biosphere Reserve, and remote beauty.

Allow Ker & Downey’s experts help you uncover the secrets of Easter Island, Chiloé Island, and Robinson Crusoe Island on your own customized South American itinerary to Rapa Nui, Chile.