Fazenda Catuçaba is an escape into the heart of rural Brazil. Nestled within the green hills outside São Paulo, this boutique nature retreat is an unpretentious preservation of Brazilian heritage. Here at Fazenda Catuçaba, guests will find luxury in simplicity, uninterrupted moments with nature, organic farming alongside artisanal design, and authenticity in every nook and cranny.

Property Details

Fazenda Catuçaba is a return back to the traditional, self-sufficient, family-style home of Brazil where coffee and farming culture remain at the nucleus of life. This sense of tradition is reflected throughout the fazenda’s accommodations, which are spread throughout three charming 1850s-era farmhouses amid the valley and forested hillsides. 10 spacious rooms and suites meld comfort and design through reclaimed wood, century-old tiles, wood-burning fireplaces, huge slate bathtubs-with-a-view, and a plethora of Brazilian artwork and 1940s furnishings supplied by the fazenda’s artists in residence. For a true rustic hideaway, Fazenda Catuçaba also offers 10 Casas de Colono scattered around the farm’s 1,110 acres of land. Ideal for couples and families, these rural farmhouses boast original wooden floors, antique gramophones, whitewashed interiors, basic kitchenettes, and private porches with stunning views of the lake, mountains, and countryside.

For all of the creature comforts and seclusion of the villas, the farm is the true star of Fazenda Catuçaba. Everything consumed by guests and employees is organically cultivated and raised on the fazenda’s 450 hectare farm land, resulting in a bounty of cachaca, vegetables, meets, cheeses, and coffee. After all, this region once produced 90-percent of the world’s coffee! Children and adults alike can even jump in and help milk cows or take a cooking class in the kitchen. The heart of the operation is the casarão main house where women from the local village are always baking bread, making preserves, and preparing home-style meals. Amid this hub of coziness there is a seamless blend between local culture and contemporary craft, with honor bars in the lounges, a piano that can be utilized by guests, and a wealth of designer gems like furniture by Brazil’s famous Campana brothers. Fazenda Catuçaba gives such care and attention to all of the inhabitants of the region—whether staff, musicians, or artists-in-residence—so there is always an opportunity to experience local culture and the surrounding natural beauty to its fullest.

At Fazenda Catuçaba, guests are allowed to do as they please when they please, and with no television or Internet, nature’s peace remains undisturbed. This is truly a place to enjoy the rich local culture and hike and ride through the surrounding valleys to explore the stunning rivers, rainforests, and wildlife of Serro do Mar State Park, part of the UNESCO listed Mata Atlantica ecosystem. Canoeing, fishing, and swimming are always available in one of the property’s lakes, while the historical villages nearby reveal a wealth of culture. After a day with nature, finish off with an organic caipirinha around the fireplace or sunset glass of wine on top of the farm’s highest hill. Here at Fazenda Catuçaba, no two days are ever the same and free to be enjoyed in the heart of rural Brazil.

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