There are some places on earth that feel so remote, it's almost as though no one has been there before. The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge whisks you away to a world where exotic birds sing and pink dolphins jump through canals and lakes.

Property Details

The exclusive Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is secluded on the Rio Negro in the Anavilhanas Archipelago, a national park of 400 pristine islands in the heart of the lush Amazon. Guests can choose from 16 cottages, four superior bungalows, and two panoramic bungalows with views of the lush forest. Thatched roof cottages are comfortable hideaways where a balcony hammock beckons you to unwind. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows, the tranquil jungle is the first thing you will see from your bed when you open your eyes.

Take a dip in the swimming pool. It’s got a superb view of the river and the pristine islands. Head up to the observation deck for a bird’s-eye perspective of the Anavilhanas Archipelago.

Sip on caipirinhas and South American wines at the bar. Quiet the rumblings in your stomach with snacks and meals that combine local and international flavors, all prepared with fresh ingredients. Get cozy in the library, well-equipped with books about the Brazilian Amazon.

The majority of the staff at Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge hail from the area, and the lodge focuses on giving back through various organizations. Visit a nearby community to learn more about their lifestyle and traditions.

The Amazon has the greatest biodiversity on the planet, and the extraordinary wildlife near Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is plentiful. Sloths lounge in the trees and alligators glide in the waters. If you are lucky, you will spot an elusive pink dolphin. Canoe through the Rio Negro, the world’s longest dark waters river.

Explore the forests with a guide to learn about the trees, wild fruits, and medicinal herbs. Early risers get the opportunity to point out the birds soaring through the brightening sky as the sun rises over the Amazon. The nightlife is a little different from the bright lights in the big city back home. The dark sky is illuminated instead by a massive blanket of twinkling stars.

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