While it is a bit out of the way from Brazil’s more popular tourist sites, Minas Gerais travel holds a wealth of unforgettable historical, architectural, and ecological promise. Home to more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other state in Brazil, this untouched colonial time capsule—meaning “general mines”—is the main producer of coffee in the country and continues to be inspired by and memorialized for its great gold, gem, and diamond reserves.

Minas Gerais travel is perhaps best experienced along the “Trail of Tiradentes”—a string of quaint cobblestone towns scattered across the jagged blue mountain ridges. Within these Minas Gerais Gold Towns are the introspective and friendly mineiro people and a vast collection of grand colonial churches and historical noble residences telling the story of the local gold rush, the consequential slavery, and the uprising of the Inconfidência Mineira, an important early attempt to break free from colonial rule. Of all of the towns to visit during Minas Gerais travel, Ouro Preto is the most prominent. Preserved in all of its perfect Baroque glory, this UNESCO World Heritage Site once served as an important gold mining and government epicenter and remains a showcase for the architectural and sculptural masterpieces of prominent visionary Antônio Francisco Lisboa, known worldwide as Aleijadinho. Also on the “Trail of Tiradentes” circuit is Tiradentes, a storehouse of colonial charm and picturesque natural beauty where horse-drawn carriages meander down cobbled streets and quaint historic houses come framed by wildflowers and blue mountain backdrops. Traveling to the hilltop of Igreja de São Francisco de Paula promises an especially picture postcard view of Tiradentes and its terracotta-tiled homes.

While the Gold Towns certainly draw the majority of visitors to the Brazilian state, Minas Gerais travel can be just as rewarding down south, where several mineral spa towns form the alternative Circuito das Águas, or Water Circuit. The natural springs in places like São Lourenço and Caxambu have attracted the Brazilian elite for more than a century, while the strange community of São Tomé das Letras remains steeped in mysticism and bohemian beliefs awaiting the dawn of a new world.

No matter where it is spent, Minas Gerais travel is an unfolding of modern art, humble people, romantic countrysides, and historical charm. Contact a Ker & Downey travel expert today to explore Brazil to its fullest with Minas Gerais travel.