Anchoring Brazil in the western inlands is Mato Grosso, the third largest state in the country and the border to Bolivia. Brazilian in both its vastness and frontier culture, Mato Gross is an enormous plain occupying three of Brazil’s most stunning ecosystems: the tropical savanna of the cerrado, the sprawling tropical wetlands of the Pantanal, and the lush diversity of the Amazon Rainforest. With its highland plains, rolling hills, thick forests, and abundant rivers, it is no surprise that the local economy of Mato Grosso is dependent on agriculture. But that just leads to the region’s inherent charm: many of the generations-old ranches and warm locals have since converted their homes into accommodations for visiting guests, offering an authentic and endlessly engrossing stay in their homeland. Learn more about Mato Grosso Brazil travel below.

Rippling through Mato Grosso are the small mountain ranges of Chapada dos Guimarães National an area surrounded by cerrado plains and attractive to visitors for its labyrinths of caves, canyons, and stunning waterfalls, in addition to the many interesting species of wildlife in the area. Xingu National Park—a park created not only to protect the environment but also the indigenous populations that live there—is also located in Mato Grosso and offers a wholly distinct experience on its own.

The cornerstone of Mato Grosso, however, is the Pantanal, the best place in Brazil for seeing wildlife and one of the world’s largest wetlands. With one of the world’s largest and most varied ecosystems, the Pantanal is an amazing snapshot of authentic, wild Brazil. Formed by an enormous inland delta, the mega-diverse Pantanal ecosystem is a designated UNESCO World Natural Heritage and World Biosphere Reserve, known for sheltering the largest concentration of wildlife in the Americas.

From the wetlands of the Pantanal to the forest canopy towers of the Amazon, Mato Grosso offers exceptional adventure opportunities in Brazil. Horseback riding, photographic safaris, nature hikes through the rainforest, and downriver canoe excursions all reveal a wealth colorful tropical birds, fascinating indigenous people, and some of the most magical wildlife viewing on the continent. Contact Ker & Downey today to begin planning your next luxury Brazil adventure safari to Mato Grosso.