Iguazu Falls sits atop the must-see list for nearly every visitor to South America, and with good reason. The power and majesty of the falls is breathtaking from any vantage point, and Ker & Downey can deliver them all. Like Victoria Falls in southern Africa, to which they are often compared, the Iguazu Falls are a system of waterfalls spreading across the border between two countries, with two parks designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites on either side of the Brazil-Argentina border.

While the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls employs catwalks to bring guests up close to the spray of this natural phenomenon, visitors who venture to the Brazilian side of the falls receive an incomparable wide-angle view, where the massive falls stretch before you in all their glory. In Brazil, Iguazu Falls can be reached from Foz do Iguaçu in the Brazilian state of Paraná, the place where guests can visit Iguazu Falls from a long and scenic walkway running along the length of the canyon. The forests and fauna in the area are breathtaking, and there are over 500 recorded species of butterfly in the region. The highlight of any excursion to Iguazu Falls, however, is a visit to the suspended platform on the brink of Devil’s Throat, the largest of the waterfalls, where water pummels out of three sides of a massive u-shaped cliff face.

Another thrilling offering provided at Iguazu Falls is a motor boat adventure through the canyon of the Iguazu River. Here, visitors can view the calm side of San Martin Island before sailing onwards to the thunderous Tres Mosqueteros waterfall and the impressive San Martin waterfall, the largest falls a motorboat can safely approach.

An exploration of Iguazu Falls with Ker & Downey includes not only glamorous old-world accommodations at the coveted Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, but also knowledgeable private guides who will help you discover the many intricacies of this region of incredible beauty.