La Estancia Ecolodge is a serene retreat on Lake Titicaca's Sun Island. Head to the lake to take a break from the energy of La Paz.

Property Details

Positioned on a green, sloping hill on the southern portion of Sun Island, La Estancia Ecolodge features stunning views of Lake Titicaca and the snow-capped Andes range. Your journey begins by gliding across the shimmering water, since the only way to get to this remote outpost is by boat.

The lodge coexists in harmony with nature and the culture of the local Aymaras. Imagine watching the sun rise from one of the 15 rooms. You will be surrounded by quiet and calm. Inside you will find whitewashed walls, big windows, and high slanted ceilings. Families wanting more space can consider a stay in the Family Suite. This abode includes a small kitchen, living room, and fireplace to warm up any chilly evening.

The rooms and suites at La Estancia Ecolodge are designed and decorated with sustainability in mind. The cabins were built using materials sourced in the area. Black stone accumulates heat and roofing is made with straw. Local adobe mud bricks are a nod to Andean architectural traditions. A water recycling program preserves the pristine state of the surrounding ecosystem. Because water is a critical resource on Sun Island, guests are advised to be cautious with their use and a rainwater recycling filter system is also in place. There’s a deep respect for the earth and culture of Sun Island.

Native trees sprout around the property while herbs and produce grown in the greenhouse transform into tasty, organic meals on the restaurant menu. Each dish is a riot of flavor and color showcasing the Andes’ culinary richness. Whatever isn’t grown on site is purchased from small producers in an effort to support the local economy. Beverages are free of additives and preservatives. The restaurant itself is an airy and bright gathering space, perfectly in line with the lodge vibe.

The whole ethos of this lodge is to nurture the community and your mind and body. Guests are invited to visit with La Estancia Ecolodge’s neighbors, the Aymaras. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about their culture and hear stories about their ancestors, artifacts, and utensils.

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