Nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountain Range, the region of Mendoza Argentina benefits from an oasis of water that was created by man with the help of the Mendoza and Tunuyán Rivers. Channeled into a massive irrigation system, this body of water gives life to everything it touches.  Historically, Mendoza and the region of Cuyo are vitally important to Argentines since the father of the nation, Liberator General San Martin, passed through here.

This area is also known as “the land of good sunshine and good wine” and visitors to the region can visit the many family-owned wineries in the area. The “earthly pleasures of the grape” continue to make noise in the wine world and this young industry in Argentina shows great promise. If you’d like to travel to Mendoza, Argentina, contact us today and we’ll help you plan a handcrafted Mendoza vacation.