Remote and mysterious, Antarctica is a place that sits far in the minds of many. This is a destination for the adventurous who want to explore an untouched, rugged part of the earth. An Antarctica cruise is among the best ways to experience its wonder.

Many brave explorers ventured to this sometimes hostile continent, but it was only first spotted by human eyes in the 1800s. British Royal Navy Officer Robert Falcon Scott was the second person to reach the South Pole in 1912, and like many before him, he had made his way to the ends of the earth in a grand wooden ship with large masts. Polar explorer Roald Amundsen said, “We must always remember with gratitude and admiration the first sailors who steered their vessels through storms and mists, and increased our knowledge of the lands of ice in the South.”

Today’s travelers experience an Antarctica cruise aboard luxury ships that offer comfort and convenience after a long day of exploring.

Visit the huts where the explorers once huddled and learn more about their adventures. Antarctica’s vast wilderness is a space of rugged rock terrain, snow, and water. Ice shelves, glaciers, and mountains add dimension to this place. Colossal icebergs jut out from the deep grey seas, hiding their true size below where creatures like giant squids and sea stars make their home.

This is the coldest continent on earth and yet life miraculously thrives in abundance here. Whales migrate through the icy seas and seals and their babies dance in acrobatics through the frigid waters. Treks on land get adventure seekers up-close to these creatures. Colonies of penguins don’t shy away from curious explorers as they wobble through the white expanse of the South Pole. Kayak through the calm, seemingly bottomless waters as Albatrosses fly overhead, welcoming you to this far away land.