El Calafate, gateway to the glaciers of Argentine Patagonia, is an adventurer’s paradise. Located near Lake Argentino, a deep and massive body of water that shimmers like an emerald, the town is named after a small bush, called the calafate, which is indigenous to Patagonia. The fruit from this bush is a delicious berry and is used in the production of jams. According to legend, whoever eats calafate will return to Patagonia. Whether it be the berry or the beauty and natural energy of the region, El Calafate is a popular destination for visitors to Argentina and is a must see on any traveler’s itinerary.

This region is home to Los Glaciares National Park which boasts 47 glaciers including the Viedma, Moyano, Marconi, Upsala, Agassiz, Bolado, Onelli, and the Spegazzini, just to name a few. The most famous of all is the Perito Moreno glacier, which is popular with trekkers and explorers. Whether you are an active traveler or prefer to view the glaciers in comfort, the sights of these massive and ancient bodies of ice will leave you speechless.

Spend a day hiking the Perrito Moreno glacier’s magical terrain, and then return to your cozy quarters to warm up and recharge. Or venture into the quaint town of El Calafate to partake in the local tradition of telling adventure stories over a pint of artisan beer. For those seeking the serenity and grandeur of the glaciers more than the thrill of the trek, enjoy a yacht excursion among the glaciers or Los Glaciares National Park. You’ll sit in the exclusive Captain’s Club, where you can toast the natural wonders with champaign. For those looking for a blend of adventure and privacy, take a private cruise through the fjords out to Estancia Cristina, a premier example of a Patagonian estancia settled among the glaciers.

Foodies will find delicious surprises around every corner in El Calafate. Famous for its lamb dishes, the region also offers some of the freshest trout in the world, expertly prepared for maximum tenderness. Yet for many, the magic of Patagonia lies in its sweeping vistas. The windswept plains and grassy steppe extend as far as the eye can see, abutting snowcapped mountains in their severe majesty.

Ker & Downey’s expert guides can tailor the Patagonian experience to any activity level. They can create a challenge for the most energetic explorer, while also stepping back and allowing guests to feel the power of the massive glaciers and pristine lakes. Talk to your Ker & Downey representative about adding El Calafate to your Argentine or other South American journey.