With 44 countries in Europe, travelers have plenty of choices. You want mountains? Check. Chic beaches that meet sparkling seas? Check. Delicious food? Check. Vast varieties of culture and history? Check. Since there’s so much to see, we are helping you visit Europe in 2020 with confidence. Keep reading to narrow in on where to go in Europe 2020.


There are many reasons to put Munich and Bavaria on your travel radar aside from the cuisine (yes there’s more than bratwurst and beer) and the moody, magical forests. You should add the Oberammergau Passion Play to your bucket list pronto since it is only performed every 10 years. It has included a live orchestra, chorus, and an elaborate cast of actors since it started in 1624. Not only that, the 250th birthday of Beethoven will be celebrated in his birthplace of Bonn next year, making Germany the place to be for music lovers in 2020.


Iceland’s much bigger neighbor is having a moment in the well-deserved spotlight. Go in search of polar bears and the vivid Northern Lights as you circumnavigate the large island. Discover old settlements dating back more than 4,500 years as you hike through the UNESCO-listed Sermermiut Valley. Glide through the ice fjords by kayak or take flight above the Isua Glacier, spotting whales down below. And when your weary feet need a break, settle in for an Arctic sauna experience or chit chat with locals over coffee and cakes in their home.

Where to Go Europe 2020 – Custom Luxury Travel – Ker & Downey - Greenland


Long left under the radar and in the shadows of Greece, many travelers are surprised to learn of Albania’s equally beautiful beaches. But what makes Albania different is its undiscovered touch. Ker & Downey will guide you to Berat, a fortified city with Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques. Visit the 13th-century Gjirokaster’s bazaar with narrow, cobblestone lanes. Albania is not overflowing with tourists and pairs so well with its Balkan neighbors.

Where to Go Europe 2020 – Custom Luxury Travel – Ker & Downey - Albania


Families looking for a laid-back vacation during a visit Europe 2020 should keep Corsica in mind. This is where soaring mountains meet the Mediterranean. Corsica has long been a quiet spot to enjoy island life French-style. Its location on the Mediterranean has made it attractive over the centuries—Ligurians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Genoese all put down roots here. You will will see why when you lay eyes on the landscape of olive and chestnut groves and vineyards. Families can set sail on a private yacht, mooring at a private beach for swimming and lounging at leisure. Take a private helicopter ride from Port-Vecchio and sail by the white cliffs of Bonifacio to admire Corsica’s unique beauty from angles that most can only dream about.

Where to Go Europe 2020 – Custom Luxury Travel – Ker & Downey - Corsica

Andalusia, Spain

In our opinion, 2020 is the perfect time to opt for Andalusia over the overcrowded hubs of Barcelona and Lisbon. You’ll get the same injection of culture without all of the tourist crowds. Hear the melodic strum of a guitar, witness the Alhambra’s moody magic, behold the intense display of azulejo color and pattern in Seville, and taste tapas in Malaga’s bustling restaurants. Andalusia has a character all its own, with a history linking to the North African sultans who bestowed an exquisite collection of architectural gifts during their rule.

Europe 2020 – Spain - Custom Luxury Travel – Ker & Downey - Seville

The Baltics

If you really want to go off the grid and tell your friends about a truly different European experience, plan a journey to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on one of our handcrafted multi-country itineraries. In Riga, bite into chocolate in a traditional restaurant and go on a tour of the Latvia National Opera. Estonia is sparsely populated which means aside from a sprinkling of cities like Tallinn, there’s a whole lot of wilderness to explore. Feel the salty air in your hair in Palanga, Lithuania, where small fishing villages, pine forests, and endless sand dunes take you back to a simpler time.                

Where to Go in Europe 2020 – Custom Luxury Travel – Ker & Downey - Latvia

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