Fortín de San Miguel Hotel is situated in Rocha along the Uruguay-Brazil border, where the Merín Lagoon, one of the largest fresh water reserves in South America, stretches beyond the eye can see. The hotel was constructed in 1945 utilizing the same dark stone as the Portuguese fortress nearby thereby creating an authentic medieval atmosphere throughout its many chambers.

Property Details

Accessed via drawbridge over what was once a flooded moat, Fortín de San Miguel Hotel contains the essence of a converted military building with its four bastions, thick stoned walls, and sturdy ramparts. Indeed, the replicas of old hardware, door-windows, and wooden railings punctuating the long, warm galleries only further lend to the medieval atmosphere. Within the property’s 20 rooms, rich wooden furniture, strong four-poster beds, billowing curtains, and lovely art reproductions round out the old-fashioned feel.

Delicious, simple, and balanced meals reflective of the Uruguayan countryside await within the property’s unique restaurant, where dim lighting, animal print cushions, candle-lit chandeliers, soft music, and original paintings by Castells Capura evoke the feeling of dining in a throne room.

Situated on top of the Sierra de San Miguel, an area known for its large and extensive valleys, the stark stone of Fortín de San Miguel Hotel is beautifully surrounded by a lush countryside of palms and azaleas. This region is a protected area and is best explored either on foot or by horseback. Visit the diverse natural ecosystem of the forests and marshlands, full of monkeys, birds, capybaras, and guazubira, and explore the actual Fortín de San Miguel, a Portuguese military fortification which was instrumental in the fight for independence against the Spanish. The majority of the hotel’s staff is from this region and is always on hand to express their pride for their country’s rich and exciting history.

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