Built in 1920, Estancia El Sauce is a quaint, family-run working estancia situated in the lovely Rocha region. With extensive cattle grasslands, marshes, and rice fields, this family home offers unique insight into the life of the Uruguay countryside.

Property Details

Seven simple rooms, all with character and en-suite bathrooms, provide good nights’ rest amid pleasant surroundings. While not a typical hotel, guests are made to feel extremely welcome by the lady of the house, who loves to prepare excellent authentic regional dishes for her visitors in the family dining room. Her red meat, fish, and wine are particularly recommended, and the local mate, sipped hot out of a dry gourd by the resident gauchos, is unforgettable.

The property’s surrounding marshlands and rice crops are teeming with more than 400 species of birds. Guests can spend entire days exploring the crops and varied vegetation of the area to spot graceful black-necked swan, the rare white goose, many ducks, and the ostrich-like ñandú (American rhea), the largest bird in South America. Otters, coypus, capybaras, and pink flamingoes also populate the area.

The highlight of this region, however, is horseback riding through the alternating landscapes of beaches, sand dunes, pine forests, and coastal hills, all filled with an enormous range of biodiversity.

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