Uruguay’s unique spirit and appeal are on display in its capital and second largest city. Montevideo captures the charm of a quiet beachside city, while at the same time boasting a vibrant and eclectic culture of artists, taste-makers, and cosmopolitans. Visitors will notice echoes of the city’s Argentinian neighbor across the Río de la Plata, Buenos Aires. But do not be mistaken, the city’s character has made its a destination in its own right. Learn about Montevideo vacation opportunities below.

Home to nearly half of the country’s population, this port city is bustling with dimension, color, and character. Its museums, theaters, and cafés are ripe with rich culture and a progressive food scene. Take a drive along the Rambla waterside roadway to see the city’s diversity among the industrial ports, Ciudad Vieja’s art deco and neoclassical buildings, skyscrapers, and exclusive beachside suburbs with their stylish high-rises. It’s a perfect place to people watch as they bike, fish, and drink the legendary local mate tea—all with scenic waterfront views.

While you can spend leisurely days perusing the many museums, churches, or old theaters, be sure to witness the area come to life at night in the cozy tango bars and bustling street markets. Beyond its international flavor and lively music, theater, and arts scene, Montevideo is most notable for its friendly and inclusive people, all of whom welcome any visitor with open arms and enthusiastic samplings of the local flavors.

Montevideo is the main port of entry for international travelers, and many are tempted to shorten their time in the city en route to sunny beaches and winelands. However, Ker & Downey’s expert guides will unveil the city to you, making you glad to stay a while.

Uruguay is known for its cowboy spirit and earthy delights, all of which infuse this authentic, hospitable city where world culture and Uruguayan identity blend to create a city unlike any other. Travel to Montevideo, Uruguay with Ker & Downey.