Atlantic Ocean breezes and sand dunes are the standard in Comporta, an area of sleepy villages and beautiful beaches. Once home only to fisherman and their quaint dwellings, this quiet place still gives off a natural and simple vibe. Life along the coast is easygoing and relaxed. Siestas are relished and are still the norm. This aura is a magnet for visitors craving a place to unwind and detach from the busy cities.

Comporta was once a favorite escape of Princess Caroline of Monaco and the Rockefeller family. Their influence has imparted an air of luxury and bohemian chic. Shop in the little boutiques that sell handmade hats, tunics, and jewelry.

Raw, natural beauty abounds in Comporta and its surrounding landscapes. Storks and flamingos nest in the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve. Red and yellow fields of flowers and green rice fields blanket the countryside. Wild forests of pine abound with singing birds. It is easy to find a deserted spot to unwind in the soft sands. Take a catamaran ride and watch dolphins leap out of the water in the Sado estuary. 

Roadside stalls sell fresh vegetables and juicy watermelons. Rice is a staple here and is often served with seafood. Try the black rice with cuttlefish, or sip on a sangria or a refreshing blueberry caipirosca while watching the surfers on the choppy waters. Horse rides offer an opportunity to jaunt through the surf. Cycle through the rice paddies or kayak along the irrigation channels taking in the fresh, salty air.

Visit a winery to learn how the grapes are harvested by hand and then chosen, crushed, and fermented in steel tanks. The sandy soil and temperate climate make Comporta and the surrounding region the chosen land for wine makers. Guests find that this is just the place to sit back with a glass in hand.

Take a balloon ride over the serene landscape to see the beauty of this quiet and untouched region of Portugal.