Wrap yourself in the warmth and beauty of a true French “hôtel de charme” at Le Mas de Peint. The essence of cozy and the sensibility of the Bon family "manadiers" await.

Property Details

Le Mas de Peint elevates the concept of a family enterprise to the highest level of taste and elegance. The farmhouse aesthetic has never been more chic, yet the property maintains an exclusive and personal warmth that transports guests into a facet of France only a few can access.

The Bon family has inhabited the property since the 17th century, raising cattle and cultivating rice on the Camargue land. That charm remains, as guests are invited to experience the simple and wholesome way of life, from cowherding experiences to farmhouse gastronomy.

The interiors are the handiwork of Lucille Bon, a designer and architect. Her refined touch smooths the hand-hewn edges of the property. Each of the eight rooms and three suites show her skill at blending the spirit of the place with the modern elegance of current tastes.

One of the most pleasing experiences at Le Mas de Peint are the shared meals. Guests gather around the family-style round tables in the kitchen. The provençal menu changes with the seasons so that guests are always welcomes to meals in harmony with their surrounds. To truly soak in the riches of the land, enjoy an al fresco sundowner beside the pond.

The house has an outdoor pool for use in the summer time. During that season, light fare can also be served poolside.

Activities at Le Mas de Paint focus on exploration. The property has 4×4 vehicles and horses for traversing the land, and the helpful staff can advise you on excursions to nearby Arles and the Apilles, to see exquisite examples of French cultural heritage. Whether guests choose to explore the hotel grounds by bicycle, or delve into the landscapes of the Camargue Regional Nature Park, your surrounds represent some of the most pristine in France.

Upon return, guests can arrange for an invigorating massage in their chambers or in the parlor, which can be transformed into a cocoon of relaxation.

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