Not far outside of Paris, sheltered within a forest preserve, the Relais de Chambord feels like a world away.

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Offering the charm of a large country house with the comforts of a contemporary hotel, Relais de Chambord is a place for guests wanting to experience a truly unique destination. Despite your secluded position enclosed in Europe’s largest forest park, you will still find the French affinity for fine wine and food.

At the Relais de Chambord, you are only a stone’s throw away from the largest Renaissance chateau in the world: Chateau de Chambord, built in 1519 in the Loire Valley. The fairy tale-like UNESCO-listed palace is surrounded by a sparkling moat. Uncover the history of this chateaux with a private Ker & Downey guide.

Inside your own palace at Relais de Chambord, you will find old photographs and glimmering mirrors lining the halls. The magical light of the Loire Valley fills each of the six room categories. Admire your kingdom (or in this case, the chateaux) from your refined space. Large black-and-white prints of nature and the palace add just a touch of pattern to a mostly white space, interrupted by dashes of royal red and delicate orange. Bathrooms are decorated in light colors and natural materials.

The chef prepares traditional, fresh, and seasonal cuisine in the restaurant Le Grand Saint-Michel at Relais de Chambord. Warm tones make this a welcoming space to linger over your meal. Indulge your sweet tooth with kalamansi fudge, earl grey tea ganache, fresh cream, crush meringue, and sichuan green peppercorn sorbet. Dine alfresco on the large terrace, smelling the variety of blooming flowers and trees that grow in this spellbinding place.

Ride a bicycle to the banks of the Loire River or soar in a hot air balloon, surveying the chateaux and Loire Valley from above. Travel just as the queens of the past would have in a horse and carriage with a glass of champagne, giving toasts to your time at Relais de Chambord.

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