With only six exclusive suites, Villa Rene Lalique is a magical home away from home in Wingen-sur-Moder.

Property Details

Villa Rene Lalique pays homage to the artist, known for his jewelry design during the French Art Nouveau movement. Lalique became a master of Art Deco glass making, and by 1921 he built a glassworks not far from where he commissioned the construction of the villa where he would stay during his time in Alsace. Today you will find that Villa Rene Lalique is replete with lots of glass and crystal in memory of its namesake.

The interior design of Villa Rene Lalique is unique in each room. The “Rose” suite is floral-themed and decorated in a powdery pastel shade. One of Rene Lalique’s most important inspirations was nature, which is why throughout the property you will find animal and botanical-inspired glass etchings and patterns. On the second floor, the “Dragon” suite boasts a large balcony where you will sit and admire views of the park. Midnight blue furniture and dragon motifs etched in crystal produce an interplay of light and shade.

The Michelin-starred chef at Villa Rene Lalique creates delicious meals to be enjoyed in the modern restaurant. Dine in a rectangle of glass and enjoy a spectacular panorama of the rich, green forests and parkland filled with hydrangea, chestnut, birch, beech, oak, spruce, and blue cedar trees. This calming interior enhances the imaginative variety of flavors on the menu. There are potato and black truffle cappuccinos, char candied with button mushrooms, and wild blueberry jam, cottage cheese, lemon and Voges Fir sorbet. On top of it all there’s also the wine cellar, a massive space lined with cabinets filled with the exceptional collection of over 12,000 bottles, including several from Alsace, Bordeaux, Spain, and Italy.

Learn about Rene Lalique at the Musee Lalique featuring displays of his costume jewelry. Nature lovers can explore the heart of Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park on foot, horseback, and on bicycle. Go back into time at the 13th-century Chateau de La Petite Pierre in a fortified village.

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