Detaching from your stresses is easy to do at Kasiiya, a far flung property set amid jungles on a remote Pacific island in the Gulf of Papagayo.

Property Details

Choose from one of only ten private suites at Kasiiya in Papagayo, Costa Rica, inviting you into the landscape for the welcome chance to pause and just breathe. Each tent is accessed along a private path, giving you a chance to bond with the elements. Mainly natural materials were used to build the tents; all of them are raised on platforms. This elevated position gives you the opportunity to take in the breathtaking views and feel like you are floating in the canopy. Inside, earthy color palettes mimic nature. Suds up in your outdoor tub while you look up at the cottony clouds.

Wellness is at the forefront at Kasiiya. There is nothing sweeter than waking up to the songs of the magpie-jay or watching the sun sink on the horizon from your large deck, the sounds of the forest and ocean waves your earthly symphony.

The lush jungles, crisp air, and clear ocean inspire the dishes prepared by the chef taking you on a Costa Rican culinary journey. Sip on the greenest of smoothies, served up with a bamboo straw of course at this eco-friendly property. Bite into a juicy mango or some decadent, dark chocolate. Enjoy the company of the other guests in the dining area, illuminated by twinkling candles.

Feel all the tension leave your body during a restorative yoga practice. Indigenous herbs and muds restore harmony in your mind during a spa session.
Descend down a steep staircase to a tranquil bay where you can swim and splash in the Pacific. Taking a walk on the wild side has its perks. Look down and you may spot some turtle tracks in the sand (they come here to nest) on one of the two secluded beaches; look up to catch playful monkeys just doing their thing in the trees. You are invited to relax at Kasiiya and re-discover life’s simple pleasures at this Costa Rica boutique hotel.
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