Most people find their way to Siem Reap in search of the ancient Angkor Wat palace complex. As the gateway to this worldwide attraction, Siem Reap has built up a substantial infrastructure to attend to the needs of visitors from around the globe.

The Siem Reap tours are endless, much like the splendor of the complex, and will offer you incredible photographs and memories. When you experience luxury Siem Reap travel with Ker & Downey’s, our private guides ensure that you are not shuffling around the wonders, craning your ear or trying to decipher a fuzzy map. Our guides will bring history to life, and dazzle you with tales from the Angkor kingdom, and the wars that gave Siem Reap its name, which literally means “The defeat of Siam.”

The massive complex of Angkor Wat is not the only place to see temples in Siem Reap. There are quite a few scattered around the city. Our guides will help you make the connection between the grand political and religious displays, and the everyday faith of those Cambodians who still practice Buddhism.

Around the city there are many villages, making it one of the best vantage points to touch the authenticity of the country, while being able to return to modern comforts in the city.

As Siem Reap has taken full advantage of its proximity to Cambodia’s preeminent treasure, locals have brought their own cultural artifacts into the city, offering Khmer cooking classes, shopping and entertainment options. The Angkor Silk Farm and Angkor Handicraft Market showcase the skills of local weavers, with the former taking the process all the way back to the silk worm to help visitors understand how the precious material got its reputation as a fine linen.

Contact your Ker & Downey representative to plan your luxury Siem Reap travel adventure. Our consultants will get to know your personal travel style and help you to find the perfect blend of adventure, exclusivity, and extravagance during your Siem Reap tours.