Located on the pristine Tatai River and hidden in the Cardamom Mountains, the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge exists in tandem with the tranquil surroundings. This environmentally-friendly collection of floating suites acts as an inviting base from which to explore this remote, untouched region of Cambodia.

Property Details

The 12 luxurious tented villas at the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge float securely in the calm waters, tethered together by decks and tucked in a bend of the river. Sleek floors, canvas ceilings, and panoramic vistas over the river to the verdant banks beyond envelop guests in comfort and natural beauty. Enjoy misty mornings and the evening activity of the river from the loungers on each villa’s private deck, or take in the view from the plush, modern furnishings indoors.

Cuisine at 4 Rivers is a fusion of western standards and southeast Asian ingredients, where local seafood and produce take center stage to create a robust menu. The restaurant is located at the center of the resort, with dining possible indoors and al fresco. From first arrival to daily exploration, Tatai River is the only gateway to the Cardamom’s hidden treasures. Travel by boat into the tropical wonderland to discover the unique culture of its inhabitants and spy elusive wildlife like the Javan rhino, Indochinese tiger, and Asian elephant. Birders will delight in the over 500 species to be spotted in the surrounding area. A visit to the breathtaking Tatai Waterfall is among the many adventures not to be missed. Guests can also paddle a kayak leisurely through the waters or be ferried by camp staff on a romantic sunset cruise.

Complete harmony with nature is the ultimate goal at 4 Rivers. Composite materials are used in place of timber where possible, reducing the impact on the precious forest, and a sophisticated waste water treatment system ensures that the river remains safe and beautiful. Perhaps most importantly, the highly-trained staff is all local, positively impacting the surrounding communities financially and socially.

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