Located on Cambodia’s western shore and just a stone’s throw from Thailand, Koh Kong City is a sleepy town on the cusp of becoming Cambodia’s next hip destination. Luxury Koh Kong, Cambodia travel with Ker & Downey captures the essence of Cambodia, the very reasons the country’s popularity is growing. Natural beauty, delicious food, and the welcoming atmosphere will make you want to stay a little longer, and explore a little further.

Koh Kong’s placement on the Gulf of Thailand, lush forested surroundings, and proximity to the Cardamom Mountains attracts travelers in search of relaxation and adventure. The culture here is diverse, with a good mix of European expatriates and Cambodian nationals, all as warm and welcoming as the pristine sand beaches. Koh Kong Island is a short boat ride from the city and is consistently ranked among the most beautiful beaches in southeast Asia.

Further inland, the Cardamom Mountains are alive with hidden waterfalls and dense tropical rainforests. Due to its challenging accessibility, the region is still relatively unexplored and undeveloped, and the forest is among the largest truly wild locales left in Indochina. The Tatai River carves through the mountains and forests, cascading over the shifting elevations and creating a series of beautiful waterfalls and tranquil pools as it flows. Ker and Downey’s expert guides can take you into the wilds without sacrificing your comfort, and allow you to experience one of life’s greatest luxuries—stepping into places where few are able to tread.

Wildlife lovers can pay a visit to the rescue station, where trafficked animals are released back into the wild. This is an amazing opportunity to see some of the regions exotic animals, and to participate in efforts being made to preserve the natural resources of Cambodia’s precious wilderness.

Allow Ker & Downey’s expert consultants to introduce you to the wonders of Koh Kong, and help you find the perfect place for a Cambodia luxury holiday in your journey through southeast Asia.