Submerge yourself in blinding white sand and crystalline beaches as you explore the Coastal South Cambodia. The shore will show you a very different side of Cambodia, for it is very different from the historic temple sites of the rest of the country. A few days of rest and recharge on these majestic shores may be the perfect balance for the jungle trekking and temple hiking, and a great time to reflect on all of your adventures.

Of course, relaxation has many different meanings, and Ker & Downey tailors our itineraries to your ideal pace. The beaches of the south coast offer rejuvenation at any speed, whether you are looking to cut loose and have fun, or kick back and soak in the cerulean serenity.

If you want to take advantage of the ultimate relaxed environment, check out the lush rainforest and peaceful atmosphere of Kep, recognized for its bountiful seafood and phenomenal views. Each morning, gaze off of your coastline guesthouse’s balcony at the Bokor Mountains before taking the short boat ride to the celebrated Koh Thonsay, or Rabbit Island. Your days will have plenty of downtime for leisurely walks, and basking in the ocean breeze.

If you are looking for a place with a wider variety of beaches and assorted nightlife, look into staying in the lively city of Sihanoukville. In 2006, the New York Times Named Sihanoukville “Asia’s next trendsetting beach.” This is a well-deserved title, for the city presents us with four beautiful beaches as well as energetic nightlife on the main drag. The mysterious Independence Hotel, a vacant dwelling on Independence Beach, attracts young and old with the spooky myths that the inn is haunted. Many dolphins, birds and other distinctive wildlife are found in Ream National Park based in Sihanoukville.

Contact your Ker & Downey representative to incorporate one or more of Cambodia’s south coast beaches into your Southeast Asian experience. Travel to south Cambodia today.