There’s so much to fall for when you visit Paris, the City of Love. It’s really tough for us narrow in on a list of just why we are enamored with this European gem. You could go to Paris many different times and no matter the time of year, you will always find something new to see and do. Here are just four of our favorite reasons to visit Paris.


Let’s start with the obvious. France is known for its delectable cuisine. But we are focusing on the sweets which are almost too pretty to eat. Linger in one of the cafes, happily biting into a millefeuille, a pastry with caramel layers, vanilla cream, and vanilla. You might feel guilty when you are are indulging, but all of your walking around in the beautiful neighborhoods will make up for your snacking.

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The sprawling palace isn’t quite in town (your Ker & Downey guide gets you there by private car), but it’s well worth your time if you want to feel like royalty for the day. Dreamed up on a grand scale by King Louis XIV, Versailles contains 2,3000 glittering, gold-gilded rooms. Watch the light bounce around and twinkle in the spectacular Hall of Mirrors once used for weddings, ceremonies, and diplomatic meetings. Outside is just as incredible with marble fountains and manicured gardens, once Marie Antoinette’s playground.

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Paris is the uncontested star of the fashion world. Visit Paris during Fashion Week, when the streets look like catwalks as the world’s most stylish descend upon the city. Year-round you will find a wide array of designer boutiques to peruse. Your Ker & Downey designer can arrange meetings with local artisans and within private ateliers to amp up your exclusive shopping experience.

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Paris is considered one of the world’s most attractive cities. Haussmann-style buildings flank wide boulevards. The white dome of Sacre Coeur basilica towers over the Montmatre neighborhood, once frequented by Renoir, Manet, and Van Gogh who found inspiration for their paintings among the cobblestone lanes. Author Gaston Leroux was so inspired by the opulent Opera Garnier that he used it as the setting for his world-renowned novel The Phantom of the Opera. Even the in Paris museums are a work of art. Although the Louvre was originally a 12th-century palace, its most iconic piece is the glass pyramid.

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