Cambodia luxury travel is an adventure through the remnants of an ancient empire by day and elegant hotels with a surplus of modern luxuries by night. With Ker & Downey, Cambodia luxury travel is the only way to explore the country.

Cambodia is the enchanting land of the legendary Angkor Empire and incredibly warm people. It’s a diverse country with ancient temples among the jungle, floating villages, and sanctuaries on small islands. Explore all Cambodia has to offer with Ker & Downey’s bespoke journeys that show you a side of the country few others have seen. Here are five of our favorite experiences you’ll want to be sure to include on your journey.

Breakfast in the Temples

Wake early in the morning to beat the crowds at Ta Prohm, also known as the “Tomb Raider Temple” then head to the lesser known Ta Nei Temple. It’s like a mini Ta Prohm, and it’s likely you’ll have to whole temple to explore on your own. When you’re done, return to your tuk tuk where breakfast will be waiting for you.

Cambodia Luxury Travel | Ker Downey | Private Breakfast at the Temples

Tonle Sap Private Boat

Onboard Ella, a private custom wooden boat, explore the authentic floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake, the freshest freshwater fishing grounds in the world, to experience a different side of Cambodia from its temples. If you venture out in the morning, you’ll enjoy breakfast on board as the boat makes its way around the lake. In the evening, cocktails and canapes are served as the sun sets. Both experiences are equally charming.

Cambodia Luxury Travel | Ker Downey | Private Boat on Tonle Sap Lake

Helicopter Ride Over Angkor

You’ve seen the ruins from the ground. Now get an aerial view of the temples with a helicopter ride over the Angkor complex for a true understanding of the scale of the World Heritage Site.

Cambodia Luxury Travel | Ker Downey | Helicopter over Angkor Wat

Countryside Senses Experience

Head to rural Cambodia where little has changed since the days of Jayavarman VII. Visit a contemporary pagoda where you’ll be greeted by monks with a chant and a water blessing before visiting with a local family for a hands-on experience of rice harvesting, thatching, fishing, or making a meal over an open fire. End the day traveling by boat to Chandara villa for sunset drinks and an authentic Cambodian dinner.

Cambodia Luxury Travel | Ker Downey | Private Villa

Kayak to Kampong Phluk

Paddle through the sunken forest for a unique view of the communities that live on Tonle Sap Lake. Pause for a picnic lunch aboard your kayak as you take in the local atmosphere and Kampong Phluk’s people.

Cambodia Luxury Travel | Ker Downey | Kayaking Kampong Phluk

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