Sapi Springs Camp is closed for renovations, re-opening at a future date.

Property Details

Sapi Springs Camp is located inland along the seasonal Sabi River. Sleep under a canopy of trees and a blanket of stars with the sounds of the nocturnal creatures as your lullaby.

There are only three guest rooms accommodating up to six guests at Sapi Springs Camp. Each space has a comfortable bed positioned under mosquito nets on raised outdoor platforms. The natural tangle of tree branches provides privacy. This is a sleepover you will remember forever.

Below you will find a sitting area, a second bedroom, and an en suite bathroom with a flushing toilet and hot and cold running water in the shower. Store your belongings in the woven basket at the foot of the bed. Write down all that you see while you sit at the small desk.

During the day, lounge on the to bed read a book, or watch the Lillian’s lovebirds and other birds dart through the air.

Take a walk through Mother Nature’s natural park, exploring the area on foot with a guide who will point out the tiny details of this grand display. Hop in an open vehicle and go for a drive, traveling deeper into the remote interior of the Sapi Reserve. Mana Pools National Park is its neighbor and between the two they form part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Between activities, rest in the main area of the camp under the shade of the Strangler Fig. Dine on delicious meals that provide you with the sustenance needed to explore everything there is to offer in this area. After a long day, perhaps even unwind with a glass of champagne.

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