Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe lies at the center of the Zambezi Valley, where the mighty Zambezi River winds its way to the Mozambican border. This unique wildlife conservation area is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site for its untamed wildness and large range of stunning mammals, birds, and aquatic life. “Mana”, meaning “four” in Shona, is named for the four main pools on this stretch of the Zambezi River – Main, Chine, Long, and Chisambuk. These pools were once part of channels whose flow has long since ceased, but they are full of water year-round and thus quite attractive to the big game of the Mana Pools National Park region. Moving northward toward the Zambezi River from the forests of the Karoo, the vegetation changes from flood plains to albida woodlands, whose towering trees and constant sun rays create a distinct cathedral-like atmosphere.

Wildlife viewing at Mana Pools National Park is plentiful with large concentrations of buffalo, hippo, and elephant found along the river. Predators such as lion, wild dog, leopard, and cheetah are often sighted on the plains surrounding the river, as are greater kudu, Burchell’s zebra, impala, warthog, and common waterbuck. Birdlife is also plentiful with numerous local species including collared palm-thrush, racket-tailed roller, purple-banded sunbird, and black-throated wattle-eyes.

Each property within Mana Pools National Park is designed with the wilderness as the focal point, enticing visitors with the luxuries of camp amenities and the unmatched beauty of the surrounding landscapes. One of the most spectacular experiences within Mana Pools National Park is the great African sleep out. Raised decks suspend above Mana Pools’ large variety of wildlife, making what is heralded as one thrilling night under the stars. Here, visitors can drift off to sleep with a symphony of animal sounds and wake to the beautiful sunrise over the horizon.

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