Hwange National Park is a sanctuary within Zimbabwe and the site of truly memorable safari adventures. At some 5,650 square miles Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s largest protected park area and boasts over 100 varieties of mammals and nearly 400 species of birds. The menagerie on land is dominated by an incredible population of elephants, who have been thriving in the area since the 1980s. Large groups of wild dog, herds of gemsbok, and families of brown hyena are also notably prolific in this region. Lion, leopard, and cheetah are ever present as well, happy to feast on the bounty of wildebeest, zebra, impala, sable, and other plains grazers to be found.

The landscape of Hwange National Park is as widely diverse as its impressive assembly of wildlife, and includes everything from desert sands near the border of the Kalahari to Zambezi Teak and mopane woodlands, grasslands, and formations of granite. Hints of ancient history can be found in the the rock carvings of Bumbusi National Monument, and in the fossilized remains of long-dried drainage channels which form wetlands with each rainy season.

The Linkwasha Private Concession to the southeast of the park’s boundaries is situated near the sprawling Ngamo Plains, famed for its excellent year-round game viewing by virtue of its rich grasslands and irresistible pans. A walk through the wilderness for a glimpse of its denizens at a distance also reveals the traces of smaller mammals and insects that inhabit the Hwange ecosystem. Horseback safaris are another popular way of seeing the spectacular Hwange National Park and the variety of life within its borders.

Zimbabwe safari adventures are incomplete without an excursion within the Hwange National Park. Consult with a Ker & Downey luxury travel consultant who is happy to help you make the most of your Hwange safari experience in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, and the whole of southern Africa.